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An American Manufacturer of Precision Reusable Cardiothoracic Surgical Instruments Since 1955

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Reusables Save $$$

Pemco reusable instruments reduce cost by minimizing the use of disposables.

3 Units Pemco Reusable Versus 200 Cases Disposable Cannula & Suckers


  • Reduced medical waste management
  • Reduced hazards to the environment
  • Reduced risk to the health care worker
  • Reduced licensing, handling, and inventory
Pemco’s manufacturing and machine shop facility was founded in Cleveland, OH in 1946, and since 1955, we have designed and manufactured precision surgical instruments for the cardiovascular field. 
Today, Pemco is proudly a third generation company with a rich history of manufacturing and the most state-of-the art equipment to meet your current and future needs.
–William J. Koteles, CEO, President

Pemco Inc. has developed a line of Cannulas, Suctions and Anesthsia Shields…read more

These innovative products are reusable and offer significant savings over disposable options….read more…

Pemco’s designs are ergonomically sound and an environmentally helpful to any operating room.

Pemco works with both industrial and medical clients to custom manufacture products to meet specific needs.


Pemco provides Service and Refurbishment of all products we manufacture, extending product life and value to our customers.

We are the exclusive authorized service facility for Rultract® Retractor products. We offer service and refurbishment of any/all parts and accessories, and a full-system refurbishment option.


Pemco offers  international distribution for our products and yours. 

We are also a domestic distributor and service provider for Sontec Instruments line of Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery Instruments.


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