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Pemco Incorporated provides medical device repair and refurbishment for all brands universal stabilizer arms including Estech T, HP, Hercules, and Hercules 3.

Download the SERVICE REQUEST FORM or Call for quote, 216-524-2990.

Pemco can provide loaners available during repair if the repair will take longer than usual.

Through normal use, all models of Universal Stabilizer Arms will eventually need repair: The most common repair is a broken or kinked cable. You can extend the functional life of the arm with proper maintenance every six to twelve months.

Keep in mind that the timing for repair is dependent on several factors including,

• Amount of torque applied to the handle (cable tension)

• Arm repositioning while cable is tightened

• Curvature of the arm when tightened

• Number of tightening cycles per procedure

• Age and model of stabilizer arm

• Improper cleaning and sterilization procedures

• Improper inspection

The Pemco Incorporated medical device repair and refurbishment program helps hospitals regain use of old or broken universal stabilizer arms, which helps protect the investment in these devices.

Our 45 year history of manufacturing and refurbishment of reusable surgical instruments makes Pemco your best choice to outsource repairs.

Next Steps:

1. Gather up the pieces of your old or broken unit.

2. Contact your local manufacturer’s representative or call directly to Pemco Incorporated 216-524-2990 for a quote.

3. After obtaining the quote and proper servicing instructions, ship the device to Pemco Incorporated, 5663 Brecksville Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131.

4. Our technicians will evaluate the extent of repair needed and replace worn or broken parts and return the unit to you.