Pemco Re-Usable Surgical Instruments

Pemco Re-Usable Surgical Instruments
Pemco Re-Usable Surgical Instruments

Going GREEN in the operating room

July 14, 2016

|Pemco Incorporated



Reusable Instrument Benefits Continue to Outweigh Disposables

When compared with disposable versions, the Pemco reusable coronary cannulas and hand-held suckers have been proven to be the most cost-effective and environmentally sound solution in the OR. First year savings can easily reach into the thousands of dollars, with a break even point after just 25 procedures. 


The following model shows the comparison of the Pemco reusable coronary sinus cardiplegia cannula with an average disposable version.


Disposable vs. Reusable

Coronary Cannula Comparison using equivalent style devices for same application with 200 procedures a year.


The estimated sterilization (SPD) cost of $1 per Pemco product use includes equipment and personnel cost for 5 minute inspection, pressure rinse, soak with other cannulated instruments.  


The estimated disposal cost of $1.25 per disposable product is based on disposal of medical waste, blood contact; metal and plastic.


Pricing                      Disposable: $26.00 ea.                       Pemco Reusable: $700.00 ea.  


Cost Analysis             Disposable:                                     Pemco Reusable:

200 units X $26=      $5,200               3 units X $700=      $2,100

SPD Cost=                       0                  SPD Cost=                  200

Disposal Cost=              250               Disposal Cost=               0 


ONE YEAR Total=     $5,450               ONE YEAR Total=    $2,300 


Conclusions              Estimated first year savings of $3,150 based on 200 procedures.

                                 Overall savings of 57% utilizing reusable product in just the FIRST year.

                                 Pemco Reusable cannulas pay for themselves after the first 25 procedures.


Similar results have been documented using our Pemco Suction Products. For more information about how your department can benefit from our reusable products, please contact us at


Here\’s a link to an article from \”Greening The OR\”  that is good reading for those interested in making operating rooms greener.